The Story of


Each year, plastic beach toys get left on the sand and by bins after busy summer days. Beach cleans often turn up plenty of toys and a lot of them seem to have been bought on the same day. 


A few years ago, Plastic Free Bournemouth created our first Toy Libraries in Bournemouth to give a new lease of life to toys left littered on the beach and to stop them from ending life in landfill. Leave Only Footprints partnered with Plastic Free Bournemouth and continued the push. Beach Toy Libraries were set up along the seafront in businesses and in BCP seafront offices.


Through working with BCP council and Arts University Bournemouth we aim to expand the Libraries into more permanent installations along the entire promenade, giving the libraries more space and more visibility. 


The toys will be available to borrow free of charge by all beachgoers, meaning you don't need to bring your own toys or buy new ones when you get here. At the end of your visit please return borrowed toys to the box and take your own toys home. 


What we do with


The plastic used to make beach toys is often PVC. PVC is a tricky plastic and is usually not recycled as it requires specialist processes. This means that when the beach toys break or get thrown away, they end up in landfill. 

In a push to close the loop, Natalie, MA Design & Innovation student at AUB, will be doing materials research to utilise, recycle and repurpose the plastic from broken toys into something useful, beautiful and playful for beachgoers to enjoy.